Greyhound racing in Poznań 1976 year of the Polish championship

Due to numerous questions about the history of greyhound racing in Poznań, after the death of Anna Lipińska, I found in the home archive a lot of photos and catalogs about the second races that took place in Poznań on May 23, 1976. She herself did not want to return to the memories of races, while doctor Stanisław Siudziński created an album and collected a lot of source information about the races. Thanks to this, I have all the applications for the races and documentation related to the scoring in individual races. The organizer of this event was the Polish Kennel Club branch in Poznań. People responsible for the organization: Anna Lipińska, Stanisław Siudziński, Andrzej Kamyszek, Andrzej Mania as a commentator. The photos from this period show people known in the cynological world and very meritorious for the Greater Poland cynology, such as the President of the Poznań branch, Mr. Marian Szymandera, Mrs. Sabina Palczewska, the head of the secretariat of the branch, which at that time was located on Święty Marcin Street in Poznań, then the street was called the Red Army in the yard of the tenement house belonging to President Szymandera. The photos also show the editor from the Poznań television, Adam Kochanowski. Dr. Stanisław Siudziński, Anna Lipińska, Andrzej Mania, Andrzej Kamyszek and many greyhound breeders of the time were also immortalized. There is also a photo very interesting from the perspective of the then closed borders of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War, there is also a representative of the capitalist world, i.e. one dog from West Berlin, Berlin that was then divided. From abroad, a large team from the then Czechoslovakia participated in the races, the local greyhound breeder Vališ organized the trip and rented a bus for this purpose, shown in the photo from the greyhound parade. The greyhound parade was opened by three riders from the equestrian center in Wola, and the moments of rewarding greyhounds were honored by hunters playing fanfares. Until the catalog was closed, 134 greyhounds were submitted, but after it was submitted to print, other applications were submitted, so finally there were 144 greyhounds from Poland, which was then called PRL, East Germany and Czechoslovakia, plus the aforementioned dog from Berlin Western. The catalog includes 16 Russian Sighthounds, Short-haired Sighthounds imported from the USSR without specifying 4 Sighthounds, 59 Afghan Sighthounds, 16 Whippets and 29 Greyhounds. The persons making up the Racing Honorary Committee should be listed; general Edwin Rozłubirski Chairman of the Board of the Polish Kennel Club, professor dr Jerzy Zwoliński Rector of the AR in Poznań, Władysław Krzyżański mayor in Puszczykowo, Henryk Helak Director of the Iwno Stud, editor Adam Kochanowski TVP Poznań editorial office of cultural and theater journalism, editor Kazimierz Flieger Poznański, sports department of Ekspres Poznań bow. vet. Jarogniew Kozłowski Head of the Municipal Veterinary Department in Poznań. Tadeusz Chawlibóg became the chairman of the Presidium of the Judicial Council. Andrzej Kamyszek and Přemysl Vališ became the race commissioners. The main judge was Miroslav Škorpil. The secretariat is Anna Lipińska, Sabina Palczewska, Aleksander Dymaczewski, Janina Kozłowska, Milada Hanušova-Vališova. The commentators were Andrzej Mania and Blanka Škorpilova. Veterinary care doctors from the Municipal Veterinary Institute. Medical care medical doctor Jerzy Olszański. Mr. Marian Szymandera, as the Chairman of the Poznań Branch of the Polish Kennel Club, was a member of the Organizing Committee on behalf of the Association.

plakat okolicznościowy wyścigi chartów w Poznaniu
Defilada chartów 1976
Parada chartów
Start z ręki na zdjęciu widoczny doktor Stanisław Siudziński a za barierką z biletem w zębach Adam Kochanowski
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Charty Afgańskie
Rozdanie pamiątkowych rozetek przez Prezesa Szymanderę
Whippet z Berlina Zachodniego